Trump's personal aide escorted from White House


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s personal assistant was taken from his job this week, leaving obama more isolated amid an expanding exodus for many of his most trusted aides.

John McEntee, who served since the president’s personal assistant, was escorted out Monday, reported by two individuals at the White House who spoke on condition of anonymity so as to discuss private conversations.

One of an shrinking pair of former campaign aides functioning under western culture Wing, McEntee quickly rejoined the president’s campaign. Trump’s 2020 Republican campaign announced Tuesday which he behaves as the senior adviser for campaign operations.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to comment on the causes for his departure, saying only that McEntee would the campaign.

In reaction to news reports about McEntee’s exit, Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat within the House oversight committee, sent correspondence to chief of staff John Kelly requesting all documents in connection with McEntee’s employment and departure.

“I were warning for over a year around the White House’s deficient criminal record search process – as well as specific officials who were granted entry to our nation’s most closely guarded secrets despite derogatory information able to White House officials,” wrote Cummings.

McEntee, 27, who had been well-liked in the West Wing, occupied the key role, never not even close to Trump within the White House or on your way. His exit adheres to several top aides have died the building.

Trump announced Tuesday that he or she had ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Trump’s top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, left recently amid internal debate over Trump’s plans for tariffs. Communications director Hope Hicks also recently announced her departure.

Like Hicks, McEntee was part of a smallish selection of aides that had been with Trump since his campaign. Their departures could leave Trump – who needs to reminisce about his winning campaign – feeling lonely.

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