Speaker Ryan invites French president to treat Congress


WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan is inviting French President Emmanuel Macron to deal with a joint meeting of Congress later.

It's been over the decade since a president from France has addressed Congress, but Macron's meeting would use a tradition of foreign leaders appearing for the U.S. Capitol, the speaker's office said.

His meeting at the Capitol would enjoy a visit by Macron to the White House for the first state visit of President Donald Trump's administration. Macron will be welcomed having a South Lawn arrival ceremony plus a state dinner.

"France isn’t only our oldest ally, just one of our strongest," Ryan said in a very statement. "It is a special opportunity to develop the historic relationship between our countries, and to reaffirm our commitment to defeating terror both domestically and around the world."

Macron is proving itself to be among the list of international community's more dominant figures. When he is pro-business in manners that reflect Republican views, his positions on other matters, including social issues along with the role of government, align him more closely together with the American left.

Trump was Macron's guest with a Bastille Day celebration recently and the invitation through the Republican speaker underscores Macron's position as the leader that both sides in the aisle in Congress often see as a potential partner.

The speaker's office said the meeting is placed for April 25.

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