Cole & Wilson strengthens position in Christeyns UK group


Cole & Wilson is determined for extra growth as parent company Christeyns UK bolsters its professional hygiene and chemistry divisions.

Headquartered in West Yorkshire, Cole & Wilson manufactures specialist laundry chemicals for replacements in traditional dry cleaners and launderers.

Cole & Wilson became part of Christeyns UK in 2014 because this time around their goods were sold and distributed to stores through Alex Reid, the laundry supplies specialist, also wholly-owned by Christeyns UK.

In to streamline operations, from March, Cole & Wilson requires in the chemistry sales arm of Alex Reid with staff moving up to provide customer sales support. Once complete, these changes will position Cole & Wilson as the UK’s leading brand for any supply of specialist wet and dry-cleaning products.

The consumables division of Alex Reid is moving to Lynx Dry Cleaning Supplies, formalising a partnership which has developed over the period of time. Lynx continues to offer the plethora of Cole & Wilson chemicals.

Nick Garthwaite, Christeyns UK MD, said: “Looking ahead, these changes to the structure mean we’re able to look at progression of key areas while in the Christeyns UK group business, making the corporation all together even stronger.”


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