Seminar for more information on effect of robots on post-Brexit skills shortage


An upcoming automation seminar hosted by Clarion will explore troubles of whether robots really are a boon towards UK’s poor productivity figures, and also employment effects.

Exploring whether investment in robotics and AI may produce regional competitive advantage, case develops the Leeds law firm’s ‘The Robots are coming’ seminar a couple of years ago which predicted the increased adoption of robotics and Artificial Intelligence during the manufacturing sector.

A amount of experts speakers looks at how advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are helping businesses to remain seated ahead with the UK, but throughout the world C there is be also some industrial robots doing his thing, due to Active8 Robots!

John Pendleton, MD Pickering-based Rosti Automotive and chair of Manufactured in Yorkshire, will reveal the key benefits of the business’s significant purchase of robotics.

Adam Hurst of Premier Farnell will explore the increasing range of applications for Raspberry Pi within the manufacturing sector plus the significance of its utilization in education in engaging student in programming and electronics.

Mike Hodge, Cimlogic MD, believe that how he helps outstanding manufacturers improve productivity through automation; and Shaun Bedford, head of operations at Holmesterne, one of the main food businesses in North Yorkshire, will share his recent example of enhanced productivity through automation.

Finally, Deborah Warren, senior associate at Clarion, will talk about the employment dynamics of mixing robots and other people.

Clarion’s Business Development Director Steve Crow said: “With Brexit very likely to exacerbate the lack of skills inside the manufacturing sector, we must overcome the outdated, negative views about robots ‘taking’ jobs.

“Instead, we must always embrace the latest technology as a technique of enabling businesses to reach the talents they should enable manufacturing to carry on to thrive in Yorkshire and, indeed, to cost-effectively market British products worldwide.”

The seminar is going to take place at Clarion’s offices in Leeds on Tuesday 27th March.


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