Apprenticeship drop not only about levy Magazine


Figures through the Department for Education reveal a 59 % stop by the sheer numbers of apprenticeships within the past 3-4 months on the academic year, than the same time a year earlier.

Commenting on the news, Mike Cherry, National Chairman with the Federation of Small establishments (FSB), says: “Today’s figures have confirmed our fears for a significant drop in apprenticeships. Reading good people doing apprenticeships is critical, particularly if we’ve been to tackle the relevant skills shortage biting many small firms.”

“The apprenticeship levy isn’t solely the reason for this drop. To be honest that 98 per cent of firms never pay the levy, and these small establishments shall be imperative to the us government reaching its target of 3 million apprenticeships by 2020. Although small firms are convinced of apprenticeships, the majority are still at a loss for the complexities inside the system. The Government needs to ensure any time levy payers are able to share their digital vouchers they so with small firms of their supply chain. Small firms ought to be working in the variety of the latest apprenticeship standards”.


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