Largest ceramic shell casting in Europe unveiled in Sheffield


The largest ceramic shell titanium casing ever made from one pour in Europe is unveiled in Sheffield.

The casting C from Castings Pair of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) C is really a milestone test piece and often will turned into a showcase for development of the AMRC’s titanium casting facility which became operational trapped on tape.

The large-scale, near net shape casting can be an industrial centrifugal pump housing, used in highly corrosive applications from the chemical and petrochemical sectors. It had been poured from your 680kg melt which includes a 200kg finished part weight.

“This test piece is a significant revolution for folks and the UK generally. We have been great britain’s only titanium melting facility and this achievement, sends an apparent signal the country is open for business for large-scale titanium casting,” said AMRC Castings’ General Manager, Richard Cook.

“Global capacity for titanium castings, particularly in this size, is scarce C indeed there are actually decreased in recent years, despite growing demand.

“There may be a clear necessity for these types of capability and our research and development will underpin the skills for that UK to competitive in the global market.”

AMRC Castings is actually working towards its objective of pouring over 1000kg of titanium for just a 500kg part-weight centrispun casting by May 2018, testing the boundaries and limits within their Retech consumable electrode castings furnace.

The group is already dealing with enquiries from companies eager to exploit we now have and therefore are currently conducting paper studies and piloting the first research projects.

Principal Metallurgist, Matt Cawood, said: “The AMRC are currently involved in several projects aiming to improve capability and technology make it possible for more complex, higher integrity components to generally be intended for manufacture with improved metallurgical quality and increased dimensional accuracy.

“Having the opportunity to pour large-scale castings during a search and development activity and also the surrounding facility of industry-scale equipment and technical expertise is actually a unique offering that could be attracting most of the world’s largest users of titanium castings to use us.”


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