Which States Are Growing Fastest? A glance at U.S Population


One on the buzzwords since Trump became president is “growth.” He’s made ridiculous promises about economic growth they can’t possibly make good on.

But consider examine another type of growth that affects all of us: population growth, specially in the continental U.S.

It should not be a surprise that very high-cost states like New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, and Hawaii aren’t growing very quickly.

Southern Florida isn’t growing you desire the northern half on account of higher costs of living.

And people have a tendency to advance from colder Northeastern and Midwestern states on the warmer Southeast and Southwest.

But, i am not saying that each warm states are growing like gangbusters… or that cold states aren’t.

Here’s the map that summarizes growth by state for July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2017-

As you can observe, Idaho keeps increasing the best, at 2.20% annualized.

The some of the best 10 add:

  • Nevada, 2.00%;
  • Utah, 1.89%;
  • Washington State, 1.71%;
  • Florida, 1.59%;
  • Arizona, 1.56%;
  • Texas, 1.43%;
  • Colorado, 1.39%,
  • Oregon, 1.39%; and
  • South Carolina at 1.30%.

I can have thought Texas and New york could have been higher. Washington State also surprised over the upside as Seattle has started to become Silicon Valley 2.0.

Nine states, cover anything from Wyoming to Connecticut, have negative growth rates. Mississippi and Louisiana are negative, despite staying in the South. Boise state broncos is likewise surprisingly low, being between four high-growth states.

Where yourr home is will affect business growth and housing values. So, take into consideration that, in particular when you’re retiring. Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Florida, and Arizona resemble the top places to visit me.

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P.S. We’ll continue this demographics discussion in the future when we finally examine births over deaths. Are you aware that Utah leads natural population growth in the U.S. on account of high births while sucks wind because of so many retirees? And later inside month we’ll investigate international immigration trends which might be favoring states like Florida. Stay tuned for more.


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