Let's Start a Trade War!


I’ve been back stateside for three days now and already I need to finish and return here.

Jet lag feels about badly because imagine detoxing from crack is (thanks a ton, Naomi, for the recommendations to aid with this!).

Markets are in no-man’s land, trading in the middle of routine living costs bearish wedge channel. They’re either not interested or competent at pushing over the top trend line, and they also seem equally disinterested in breaking beneath the bottom trend line.

Gold seems equally stuck.

As will the dollar.

So, we’re basically nowhere.

And then there’s President Trump.

Let’s go into a trade war. That may seem like recommended!

Let’s slap a big tariff on steel and aluminum imports.

Let’s put America first!

I’ll explain to you, this isn’t putting America first. Tariffs while in the Great Depression didn’t help one bit. Actually, they aggravated your situation.

Already, the EU has responded to the tariff threats having a threat of their: 25% tariff for a directory of U.S. exports, including Levi Jeans and Bourbon.

Canada and Mexico are in arms.

This is insanity. And it’s not gonna end well!

Charles puts this into perspective for people.

Of course, keeping in keeping with method of late, stocks hit the skids for some hours on Monday when news broke about Trump’s proposed tariffs, and then they pulled themselves back as though nothing had happened by any means!

It’s completely irrational.

I would say they’re more irrational than women can be sometimes, nonetheless it works out that girls make better investors than men, as Adam indicates in his newest Economy & Markets article.

As is among the most norm, it’s a case of wait and then determine using this type of market. I’ll make you stay posted.


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