The One Thing to generally be Most Concerned About in Retirement


The last few days we’re asking readers what their biggest retirement concerns are. Teresa will report back with increased particularly Saturday, even so the responses up to now show that, number one, people fear they’ll outlive money. Second is that often rising healthcare costs and deteriorating health will erode their well being. And number 3 may be the BIG question mark: will they grab the retirement benefits they have been promised?

I don’t have a aim of retiring (unless health becomes a problem). I could not possibly survive the boredom. But that does not mean I haven’t got any retirement concerns.

While those top three points are critical, I have got an even BIGGER retirement concern, we let you know about it on this week’s video, which you’ll want to watch now.

Research from John Hussman demonstrates if you pick stocks at today’s levels, you’ll LOSE 2% to 3% 12 months over the next Few years. That’s crazy and even look at our more bearish economic fundamental indicators.

What the hell are you presently designed to do?

Well, watch today’s video for many immediate insights, then stay tuned in for your Economy & Market emails because we’ll be tackling this query during the period of the other many months.

And read what Charles has to say below and pay attention to if you are on the right track for retirement.


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