Living the Retirement Dream


Continuing the conversation on retirement, I must say that your whole concept is bizarre in my opinion.

Everyone has this notion that many of us must retire at 63 (generally) then spend all our lifetimes doing nothing.

Today, if one makes it to your period of 63, there is a fairly good chance you’ll live well into the 80s whilst your spouse may live prolonged. That’s a terrible long time through which to accomplish nothing!

And doing nothing is a really easy path to sharp mental and financial decline.

So I’d been content to see a few of the feedback Teresa got over the weekend to her question: What exactly are your retirement dreams? This indicates most of you need to keep yourselves busy, and just as many wish to continue working, albeit in on a lighter schedule.

What’s my retirement dream? Tune in to this week’s video to understand.

And read what Charles has to say below with regards to the $900,000 improvement in your retirement account.

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