My Legislative Wish List – Tax Credits That Make Sense


My U.S. Congressman, Randy Weber, is over a mission.

He recently introduced legislation that will permanently end tax credits for renewable biofuels made with animal fats. Thank heavens!

When the government introduced such tax credits in 2006, it inadvertently upended a previously harmonious market whereby soapy cleaning supply companies purchased animal fats at what they deemed to become cost-effective price points. The tax credits opened a fresh industry for animal fats, which soared in price by greater than 100% since 2006. Something was needed!

But there is little happen. The balance incorporates a mere 2% chance of passing given it strikes a chord with little one.

I’m no fan of tax credits on the whole, or any using the tax code to encourage or discourage behavior.

We curently have a process to the, it’s known as legislation.

But Rep. Weber’s bill, H.R. 1866: Stop Animal Fat Tax Credits Act of 2017, makes little sense.

There’s little reason to look after an element that caused a $299 million symptom in a $61 billion industry that a majority of Americans don’t cherish. Except, needless to say, that a lot less than 10 miles from me, like a crow flies, are chemical plants, using this program . guessing Weber will beat those constituents within the head together with unpassed bill.

The sad part is always that Weber needed to know early it wouldn’t pass, however spent his time onto it anyway.

There are better things where a U.S. Congressman should focus. You could start to propose legislation about what Americans agree? It’s not very difficult to locate such items-

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