Craigslist closes personals sections in US, cites measure


SAN FRANCISCO – Americans searching for love or companionship on Craigslist can’t make a connection.

The classifieds site on Friday has its personals section offline in america.

The action employs the U.S. Senate on Wednesday passed an anti-sex trafficking bill that might offer the website among others to blame for illegal activity whether or not it becomes law. The business says the war Online Sex Trafficking Act seeks to subject websites to civil and criminal liability.

A message on the webpage says any tool or service is often misused and also the company hopes it could possibly bring it well “some day.” Craigslist closed by saying: “To the numerous spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we’d like you every happiness!”

A message seeking comment from Craigslist had not been immediately returned.


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